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Full Service Certified MailTM Solutions
If you need automated mailing solutions we can help. Let us process your certified, first class, registered, and certificate of mailing. Just send us the data and we will process, print and mail. You can even access your account online to receive tracking and reports for 7 years.

Quick Mail Solution
: Are you ready to start mailing? Then upload a Word or PDF document, enter your address, select your mailing options and we will print and mail. Your mail piece will be entered into the USPS® mail stream the following day. You will be able to view tracking and print reports for 7 years.

Custom Mail Solution: Do you have special requirements for your mailing? Is your data on a mainframe? Does your mail need to go within 24 hours? This solution is designed to fit your corporate needs. We will work directly with your team to customize a mailing solution for you. 

In-House Certified MailTM Envelope Solutions

Hybrid Certified Envelope Portal:  This solution is ideal for sending original documents such as contracts, tax returns, notices and checks.  You simply login to your secure account, enter the address, apply postage and print.  Your mail is now ready.

We also have a turn-key solution for mail houses and large volume customers.

ETC-Electronic Tracking and Confirmation® and ERR-Electronic Return Receipt®

Clients who trust CMSI for their mail solutions can also access our exclusive ETCSM and ERRSM services. ETCSM is CMSI's way of providing detailed tracking of each mail piece which gives customers the ability to track and monitor daily information about all of their mailings and to know days in advance then their mail was delivered. With ETCSM you have the ability to manage, track and receive mailing information electronically for each mail piece placed in the mail stream. ETCSM tracking information is updated several times daily so you can monitor your mail piece all the way to its final delivery destination and know that day that your mail piece was delivered. This means you receive proof of delivery as much as five days earlier than traditional mailing - from wherever your business takes you. All you need is a web browser and internet access.

For those occasions when you need more proof after your mail piece is delivered, CMSI offers ERRSM. ERRSM allows CMSI clients to generate a series of reports exclusive to CMSI, including e-Signature (if purchased at the time of mailing), mail manifests and our exclusive ERR - Electronic Return Receipt® reports for each certified mail piece with signature in place to appear with ERRSM. ERRSM reports are available for 7 years or more after mailing. Simply print the proof you need and you're off and running. No more waiting on a green card!

Whatever your mail volume, CMSI's ETCSM and ERRSM services provide you with all of the information and written documentation that you need to do your business effectively and efficiently.

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