Florida Commercial Systems Installations

20 years of experience providing an exceptional commercial furniture installations experience

Who We Are

Florida Commercial Systems Installations: Our ​company is synonymous with excellence in ​commercial installations. We pride ourselves ​on delivering an outstanding customer service ​experience from the first interaction to the final ​detail. Catering to all commercial furniture ​installation needs, we are your go-to experts ​for creating efficient and aesthetically pleasing ​workspaces.

Services We Offer

  • Furniture Installation
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Reconfiguration
  • Relocations
  • Repairs
  • White glove service
  • Conference Tables
  • Work Pods / Private Pods

  • Chair assembly and installation
  • Sit-stand Height adjustable
  • Professional Wall Art Installation
  • Wall Mounting of Glass Boards, ​Mirrors, TV and Monitor
  • Wall art & Signage Installation ​including security art installation

  • All modular commercial systems
  • Steal case goods installation
  • Lockers and Cabinet installation
  • Custom Built-Furniture
  • Call centers Stations/Consoles
  • Medical Furniture & Equipment
  • M​ar​keting Stations

Manufacturers We Have Worked With

  • Global
  • Knoll
  • Openplan
  • Group Lacasse
  • Evolve
  • Steel Case
  • Hayworth
  • SitOnIt

  • Herman Miller
  • Xybix
  • NDI Industries
  • Cherryman
  • Global
  • Office To Go
  • I5 Industries

  • Cabana Coast
  • Mamma Green
  • Yardbird
  • Babmar
  • Zinus
  • Gloster
  • AIS Inc.


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Your Exquisite Design & ​Seamless White-Glove ​Installation Service

“Crafting Spaces with Precision and Passion”

Where every detail is a masterpiece of functionality and ​style.

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Committed to Excellence: From the initial concept to the final touches, our company ​ensures superior service every step of the way, guaranteeing a seamless and ​successful project completion.

Florida Commercial Systems Installations: Your Partner in Excellence

At Florida Commercial Systems Installations, we pride ourselves on delivering exquisite design and seamless white-glove installation services. Our ​team of experts is dedicated to providing an array of services that cater to all commercial industries, ensuring your space is not only functional but ​also aesthetically pleasing.

Our Services Include:

  • White-Glove Installation: Experience the pinnacle of professionalism with our meticulous installation services, where every detail is handled with ​the utmost care.
  • Artwork and Security Hanging: Trust in our expertise to securely hang your valuable art pieces, enhancing the ambiance of your commercial space.
  • Cabinetry Installation: Discover custom cabinetry solutions that blend seamlessly into your commercial environment, crafted from high-quality ​materials.
  • Whiteboard and Wall Decor Installation: Elevate your workspace with our professional installation of whiteboards and wall decor, designed to ​inspire creativity and collaboration.
  • Commercial Furniture Assembly and Staging: Rely on our efficient assembly and strategic staging services to optimize your commercial space for ​peak performance and style.
  • Custom Furniture Installation: Let us bring your vision to life with custom furniture installations that meet your exact specifications and design ​requirements.
  • Ergonomic Workstations: Promote a healthy and dynamic work environment with our sit-and-stand desks and tables, offering both style and ​functionality.
  • Specialized Furniture for Various Industries: From science lab setups to call center workstations, we provide tailored furniture solutions for every ​commercial need.
  • Educational Furniture Assembly: Support the educational journey with our safe and engaging school furniture options, designed to foster learning ​and growth.
  • Finishing Touches: Add the final polish to your space with our expert installation of punch walls, baseboards, and detailed caulking, ensuring a ​complete and refined look.

Satisfied Customers Across Industries:

Our commitment to excellence has earned us a multitude of satisfied customers. From medical offices to financial institutions, we’ve provided top-​tier installation services that have transformed commercial spaces into functional works of art.

Ready to Transform Your Space?

Contact Florida Commercial Systems Installations today and let us help you create a space that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Our team is ready to ​provide you with the exceptional service and quality craftsmanship that your commercial space deserves.

Contact Us

Marilyn Machin - Administrator

Phone: (239) 771 - 9804

Email: marilyn@fcsimail.com

Cesar Guerrero - Project Manager

Phone: (352) 978-9020

Email: Cesar@fcsimail.com

Office Hours

Monday through Friday

9am - 5pm

Operations Hours

7am - 5pm

Closed Saturday & Sunday

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